The coffee beverage has been highly condemned for years because they say it is the cause of madness or impotence. The beverage has also has been praised for centuries for contributing as an anti-laziness drink, pain reliever and for other great contribution that is being discovered by researchers. This article is constructed to bring you a short and detailed information about your coffee and health benefits and disasters. After reading this article, you will never waste your time again seeking for information either of coffee health benefits or coffee health disasters. I hope you acquire the primary information that leads you to read this article.

It doesn’t matter whether you use the best single cup coffee maker or you have a super-automatic drip coffee machine, caffeine components can not be completely withdrawn from coffee beans.

Most Americans when asked: good news or bad news first, they tend to choose the bad news first. Here I’m sorry that I will have to answer the question for you and I am picking the bad news first. So let’s first dive into the disadvantages of coffee first then after it the benefits.


Some health defects as a result of drinking coffee

-        Women who consume a high amount of coffee per day are advised to reduce it to one cup or even stop drinking coffee while pregnant as caffeine distribution as a result of coffee consumption might seriously affect the fragile health of the baby in the womb. 

-        Daily use of caffeine and suddenly stopping it can lead to muscle pain and headache. Try to not to be caffeine addicted by any means possible.

-        You may fall ill if consumed bad quality coffee. This may be as a result of over ripped coffee beans.

-        If asked to visit a medical laboratory before ever starting to consume coffee, a lot of people will see it as being senseless. But one thing they not know is that every human being has a particular amount of caffeine t5hat is suitable for him or her thereby, the excel consumption of caffeine may lead to a severe health hazard.

-        Scientific research has proven that frequent consumption of coffee beverages when hungry can actually lead to problems associated with indigestion.  

-        Caffeine is to have the ability to reduce a woman’s chance of fertility by 27%, according to a scientific research conducted at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine.

-        Coffee beans happen to have two ingredients that a responsible for increasing LDL level of cholesterol. Most LDL’s can be trapped by filtering the coffee. But some radical ones are mostly found in espressos such as kahweol and cafestol.  


Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits associated with coffee consumption

-        Coffee consumption can help your body to fight against free radicals that are capable of causing illness. This is as a result of antioxidants that are known to fight against any free radicals in the body.

-        Researchers have proven that coffee consumption can help women to reduce the risk of endometrial cancer by 20 percent and the man who consume coffee also have the opportunity of reducing their chances of prostate cancer by 20 percent.

-        A recent research consulted in the national institute of cancer has shown that people who consume four cups of coffee per day have 20 percent chance of not developing any skin related cancer illness.

-        It has been proven by Harvard University researchers that people who drink between two to four cups of coffee per day are fifty-five percent less to committing suicide

-        Individuals who drink one or two cups of coffee per day less likely to suffer from any related heart diseases, stroke or live problems

-        Drinking a cup of coffee some hours before hitting the sports hall can help you to work out more than you ever expected. Researchers reveal.

-        Coffee consumption can lead to image retentive memory, researchers mentioned.  

-        Drinking coffee can help you to increase the potassium and magnesium deficiency which functions with insulin thereby regulating the body blood sugar level which helps people that are fighting to lose weight to be able to crave less for sweet products.

-        Regular coffee consumption is assumed to help the human body to break down body fat and use it as a means of fuel.

Your coffee and the health benefits and disasters. I hope that by now you are able to determine whether drinking coffee is good for you or not. These are just a few of the information about the health benefits and disaster that is caused in our body by consuming coffee beverages.